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Kickstarter Of The Week: Bjork Aims To Unleash Biophilia On More Screens & Schools

Posted January 29

Bjork’s album/app Biophilia was an ambitious undertaking, to say the least: Not only did the Icelandic musician pen a 10-song album, she also helped create a suite of accompanying apps, a fleet of new instruments, a dynamic live experience and an educational program for children interested in learning about musicology. Now, Bjork is looking to build out this expansive project even more, launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring Biophilia to more screens and her educational program to more schools.

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Watch Online: Bjork Releases Video For “Moon”

Posted September 26

Bjork’s newest album, Biophilia, may be delayed until October, but you can sate your need for Icelandic goodness today with a newly released video for the song “Moon.”

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Bjork Explains Why She Delayed Biophilia

Posted September 14

The other week, we were all a bit dismayed to find that Bjork had delayed the release of her newest disc, Biophilia. Today, however, the Icelandic songstress is out with an explanation as to why the album has been pushed back, and, get this, it’s because she’s making it better.

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Bjork’s Biophilia Gets Pushed Back

Posted September 2

Bjork fans, prepare for extreme disappointment: The Icelandic musician’s tech-packed album, Biophilia, has been delayed. Before you get all blubbery, though, it’s only being waylaid by about two weeks.

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