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Kickstarter Of The Week: Bjork Aims To Unleash Biophilia On More Screens & Schools

Posted January 29

Bjork’s album/app Biophilia was an ambitious undertaking, to say the least: Not only did the Icelandic musician pen a 10-song album, she also helped create a suite of accompanying apps, a fleet of new instruments, a dynamic live experience and an educational program for children interested in learning about musicology. Now, Bjork is looking to build out this expansive project even more, launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring Biophilia to more screens and her educational program to more schools.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Macklemore’s Rise, A Juggling Pianist & More

Posted November 16

Happy Fridaze, dear ones. Next week is the paltry one before holidaze so you’re likely checking out around now. Read these links first!

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Lady Gaga Goes Bjork With Upcoming App Album ARTPOP

Posted September 6

It looks like Lady Gaga is going to go all Bjork on us with the release of her next album, ARTPOP (due out next year). Yup, like the Icelandic singer before her, she’s releasing the new tunes in app form, what she promises to be a “multimedia experience.” No word, however, on if her iteration will include custom instruments and the like (as did Bjork’s Biophilia).

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Bjork Makes A Movie, Dubstep Is Genius & More

Posted August 2

It’s almost the WEEKEND! But it’s not the weekend yet. Study up on some links as you while away the last few obscenely long days.

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