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Wanna Hear The New Calvin Harris? Let’s Dance!

Posted November 2

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: When it comes to album pre-release streams, we really dig it when artists make us work for the tunes. That’s why we’re kind of smitten with the idea behind Calvin Harris’s new app, 18 Months.

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BlueBrain Scores O Music Award For Best SXSW Music App

Posted March 23

The O Music Awards are a lot of things: offbeat, outrageous, online, and, perhaps most importantly, ongoing. The Web never sleeps and neither do we (OK, maybe an occasional nap), which is why we couldn’t wait until the next awards show to throw honor someone’s way. The other week, we hit up SXSW, where we mingled with techies and bands, threw a rager in a barn outside of Austin, and, naturally, doled out a brand new award: Best SXSW Music App. And the recipients of said honor? The band BlueBrain, for their location-aware album/app, The Violet Crown.

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BlueBrain Turns a Stroll Through Central Park Into a Musical Instrument

Posted October 4

Max Mathews is widely known as the father of digital music, the man mostly responsible for turning the computer into a musical instrument. Hays and Ryan Holladay of the band Bluebrain are true soul sons of the mythical Mathews, taking another unlikely concept — a landscape and the experience of being within a landscape — and making it musical.

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