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Boards of Canada Announce New Record Via Online Scavenger Hunt

Posted April 29

Back in September, we opined that scavenger hunts are all the rage now when to comes to teasing album releases. Since then, we have seen Brand New drummer Brian Lane introducing his side project band, Shone, via a massive, IRL/online hunt — the most intricate we have ever laid eyes on. Now, it seems, Boards of Canada has trumped Shone’s effort, having announced their upcoming album, Tomorrow’s Harvest, via an elaborate scavenger hunt that finally unraveled today.

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Boards Of Canada’s Impossibly Scarce Mystery Vinyl Is Making the Internet Hungry

Posted April 25

On Record Store Day (4/20), the Boards of Canada released some ridiculously scarce vinyl: six 12-inch vinyl singles, each of which there is only one copy.

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