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Music & Tech Around The Web: Rhapsody Updates, Don’t Instagram Your Vote & More

Posted November 6

Happy Election Day, U.S. citizens. Everyone else: Happy Tuesday. Check out some links before heading to the polls — or, if you’re not American, into the mundanity of just another day.

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Wanna Hear The New Calvin Harris? Let’s Dance!

Posted November 2

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: When it comes to album pre-release streams, we really dig it when artists make us work for the tunes. That’s why we’re kind of smitten with the idea behind Calvin Harris’s new app, 18 Months.

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4 Bands Who Have Used Scavenger Hunts To Reward Loyal Fans

Posted September 27

Let’s face it: The practice of checking out an album pro bono online is just getting too easy. Embedded album streams on music blogs, listening parties in apps like — there’s no effort there. The Web is flooded with free streams, the aim of which is to net the most exposure possible for a band — not to reward tried and true diehards with a pre-glimpse into their favorite band’s new work. That all changes with apps like Bob Dylan’s recently released Sound Graffiti, yet another addition to the recent “album scavenger hunt” trend that’s been sweeping the music world of late.

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