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Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Hits Ford, Wayne Coyne Gets Weird(er) & More

Posted April 2

Monday is over and so is April Fools — come out of hiding and check out some links.

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Check Out These Bon Iver Remixes, Courtesy of Indaba Music

Posted October 2

Bon Iver and its frontman Justin Vernon have been crowdsourcing up a storm lately — Vernon enlisted fans to design a fancy new tattoo, and the band itself turned to music collaboration platform Indaba Music in August to launch a remix content. Now, it seems, the winning remixes have come to light, and they’re a lot less painful than Vernon’s tat will be (meaning, they’re pretty good).

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Foursquare Creepers, Bon Iver Tattoos & More

Posted September 26

Happy Humpday, babes. Here’s some links to assuage that crushing sadness that hits your soul when you realize it’s not actually Thursday, even though it “totally feels like it is.”

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Bon Iver Launches Remix Contest With Indaba Music

Posted August 2

Nothing to do this weekend? Why not nature-out in a cabin in the woods, don some plaid, grow out your beard and remix some Bon Iver? You might just score a single release — and a nice cool grand to go toward future naturing/shirt-wearing/beard-tending.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Radio, Bon Iver Erotica & More

Posted April 26

So many stories, so little time. Although we all rested our heavy heads last night in solid slumber, the Web — much like New York City and Vegas — never sleeps. Here’s all that we missed while we lazily dozed.

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