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The 10 Music Tech Advances We’re Most Thankful For

Posted November 22

That day of epic gorging is just around the corner, and before we sink into a haze of tryptophan and family-imposed depression, we decided to reflect back on this year in music tech and share those innovations we’re more thankful for.

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Snoop Dogg: When It Comes To Social Media, “Ugot2doit”

Posted October 25

Not only is rapper Snoop Dogg a nominee for Must Follow Artist on Twitter, he’s also kind of a baller when it comes to social media — from (nominee for Most Addictive Social Music Service) to Google+ to everything in between, Snoop has truly gone multi-screen (soon, he’ll even make his family sitcom debut).

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Music App of the Day: Make Like A VJ With ShortForm

Posted August 26

Ever wanted to be an MTV VJ? Well, you can come close with a new service called ShortForm, which just launched a Live Video Parties integration.

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