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Meet The Man Behind Beck’s 360-Degree “Sound and Vision”

Posted February 22

hello_again_chris_milk_beck 360 versionDo you like neat things that are from the future? Stop whatever else you’re doing and check out the immersive music collaboration between Beck and director Chris Milk. The flat version of this went viral earlier this month, but this version, released on Tuesday, lets you look around the venue as Beck and his cohorts play, simply by moving your face around (it uses your webcam, obviously).

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Beck + David Bowie + Chris Milk = Music Video Magic

Posted February 19

Beck, David Bowie and Chris Milk — all are often heralded as geniuses in the music realm. Beck for his offbeat jams (and quirky songbook album), Chris Milk for his amazing, immersive interactive music videos and David Bowie for, well, everything that David Bowie does. Well, hold onto your metaphoric hats, kids, because a new video combines the powers of all three innovative gentlemen in one dizzying, 360-degree experience.

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Google, Chris Milk & Tate Modern Team Up For Online Exquisite Corpse Project

Posted July 19

Ever create an Exquisite Corpse? You know, that Surrealist game where you fold a paper into sections, draw some feet, pass it to a friend who draws the legs who passes it to a friend who draws the torso, etc? Well, now you can help create a massive animated version of that game — with music, no less — and exhibit the final product in the Tate Modern in London, England.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Gets Updated, Chris Milk Remains A Genius & More

Posted June 12

Happy Tuesday, children of the digital revolution. Celebrate how highly evolved you all are by zoning out with some links.

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Chris Milk’s “Rome”-Inspired Project Gets Another Chapter

Posted January 9

Director Chris Milk creates some of the most innovative music videos on the scene today, and, apparently, he has even bigger projects in the works, including a feature-length film based on 2011′s Rome, an album by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. Milk is out this week with a new piece of that project, a grim, animated music video for the song “Two Against One” that’s like a mashup of The Last Unicorn and Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

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