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Coachella: The Techie Survival Guide

Posted April 12

Welcome to Coachella. We know you’re got your SPF100 mega-spray, your lightweight backpack and your stash of bitcoins for buying “illicit” items. But what you really need is to remain “connected” and “charged,” right? If Twitter really is launching a new music service, you MUST be able to use it so you can show off to everyone around you. Fortunately, there are a couple of amazing new gadgets that’ll keep you charged and connected throughout the festival and beyond.

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Watch the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Your Xbox 360

Posted September 19

Nowadays, even the most antisocial of folks can attend a music festival — all from the comfort of their own computer chairs. The most recent example of this phenom? This weekend, Clear Channel Radio partners with Microsoft to stream the two-day iHeartRadio Music Festival exclusively on Xbox 360 — in HD.

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