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Music Meter Monday: Com Truise Really Loves His Mom

Posted September 17

Welcome to another edition of Music Meter Monday, in which we highlight bands who are climbing the MTV Music Meter. This week, we caught up with Com Truise — a.k.a. Seth Haley — an electronic musician from New Jersey who appears to be a bit of a mama’s boy.

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Music App of the Day: Play Music — Literally — With Radballs

Posted August 31

Yeah, old-school video game music/sounds have certainly found their way into modern music, meaning that those bleeps and bloops are in many ways aurally pleasing. But, sometimes, your own jams are far more palatable than those that come pre-loaded with any given game. That’s the conceit behind Radballs.

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Artist Instagram Photo of the Day: Com Truise & The Gnome

Posted August 26

Every picture tells a story, don’t it? That’s why we’ll be periodically scouring the Instagram accounts of various and sundry musical acts to bring you the yarns behind the filtered snaps. Today’s tale? Com Truise & the Gnome.

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