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Dan Deacon Gets Interactive With Music Video & App

Posted April 29

Electronic musician Dan Deacon is out with an interactive music video today that merges his Record Store Day single, “Konono Ripoff No. 1,” with his recently released eponymous app.

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Dan Deacon Asks Fans To Create His Light Show For Upcoming Tour

Posted March 4

Electronic musician (and O Music Award nominee) Dan Deacon is taking a giant leap into the crowdsourcing sphere during his upcoming Spring tour, asking fans to help create the accompanying light show.

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Dan Deacon Makes Cellphones Part Of The Show With Trippy App

Posted August 29

Taking out your phone during a live show is becoming about as common nowadays as some dude spilling beer all down your back — you try to avoid it, but it always ends up happening, oftentimes against your will. One minute you’re gazing at your favorite musician in cross-armed admiration, the next you’re Instagramming the hell out of that same musician, not entirely sure how your phone found its way out of your pocket. Lucky for you, smartphone obsesso, Dan Deacon is here to justify your addiction with a brand-new smartphone app.

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Meet Beyond The DJ Nominee: Dan Deacon

Posted May 31

Not since the late Steve Jobs has a single man and a bunch of electronics been able to stir the masses into such a frenzy. Dan Deacon — a prolific musicmaker who just today announced his new album America — is one of forerunners in the computer music world. While that may sound like a rather stationary genre of tunes, Deacon is famous for his live shows: high-energy affairs that get the sweaty throngs of humanity twisting and turning more than any rock concert denizen. Deacon’s ingenuity and and balls-to-the-walls enthusiasm have not only earned him legions of fans, but also an O Music Awards nomination for Beyond The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer. Find out more about the man behind the massive glasses after the jump.

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