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Death Grips Leaks New Album Online, Now The Band’s Site Is Kaput

Posted October 1

In April, noise-rap trip Death Grips released some tunes for free via BitTorrent to pump the release of their album The Money Store — a totally legit practice as it was a part of the service’s Artist Spotlight program. Today the band dropped a new disc — NO LOVE DEEP WEB — online for free as well, a move that was apparently not so legit, as Death Grip’s website was shut down.

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Start Your Weekend Early With This Interactive Music Video From Death Grips

Posted September 14

Already anticipating a wild Friday night and having trouble making it through the day? Well, we’ve got an interactive music video for you — crafted by MTV and featuring the jam “I’ve Seen Footage” by Death Grips — that should put you in the right mindframe for the weekend ahead.

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