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Demi Lovato Scores Best Artist With a Cameraphone Award

Posted November 1

We’re all voyeurs at heart (which is a nice way of saying we greatly enjoy online stalking celebs). Well, the votes are in and it seems the musician we’re most down to follow is Demi Lovato, who scored the O Music Award for Best Artist With a Cameraphone.

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Robyn To Headline the O Music Awards

Posted October 25

You better call your girlfriend, because Swedish songstress Robyn is primed to headline the O Music Awards.

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O Music Awards To Honor Steve Jobs With Musical Tribute

Posted October 12

Last week, we lost a true innovator in the digital music sphere: Apple co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer Steve Jobs. To honor all that he has contributed to the space, MTV O Music Awards plan to honor Jobs with a special musical tribute, featuring an up-and-coming artist performing an iconic song.

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Demi Lovato Breaks Down The O Music Awards

Posted September 27

Still confused as to what The O Music Awards actually are? Let these dead-panning dudes — and some chick named Demi Lovato — break it down for you.

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