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DUMBO Summer Friday Performer Bosco Delrey: Cool Since Age 2

Posted August 15

Want to know more about our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday lineup? Luckily for you, OMA had the wherewithal to interview each and every one of the our multi-talented performers and participants. Today, we’re primed to introduce you to Bosco Delrey, a Brooklyn-based musician who Diplo quite aptly describes as “a sort of garbage can Elvis from New Jersey… teaspoon craziness, a pinch of rockabilly, and full cup of soul dressed in a leather jacket.” Pretty impressive-sounding, no? Well, get this: According to the musician himself, he was kind of a child prodigy to boot. Have we convinced you to come out and see him/rue your wasted youth yet? Yeah, we thought so.

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And The Nominees For Must Follow Artist On Twitter Are…

Posted May 17

The next edition of the O Music Awards is right around the bend, and we know you’re eager to hear if your favorite band/app/whatever will score a nomination this time around. We’ll be unveiling the full list of categories and nominees on May 23, but, in the meantime, here’s a taste to satiate your mounting hunger: The nominees for “Must Follow Artist On Twitter.”

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