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Music & Tech Around The Web: Bono Is Rich(er), Kanye’s DONDA Takes Off, Jack White Attempts Record & More

Posted May 18

It’s Friday! Freak out with some links, neatly assembled for your browsing pleasure, after ye ole jump.

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Kanye West’s Massive Twitter Tirade Was One Effective Press Release

Posted January 5

And we thought Fiddy had a lock on out-there tweets this week. Last night, Kanye West took to Twitter when many of us were just staggering to bed to release a torrent of tweets, including several disjointed thoughts about the fate of the world, as well as the reveal of his new company DONDA (named for his late mother). While many a musician’s publicist would be wringing his or her hands in misery at such a turn of events, Kanye (and his crew) is likely smiling at the wave of attention his late-night ramblings have scored him.

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