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Why The Drake Album Leak Is No Big Deal

Posted November 10

Welcome to the O Music Awards guest writer series, a place where we hand the proverbial reins over to qualified writers/musicians/etc and let them share their thoughts about music, technology and more. Today’s guest blogger is rapper Max Burgundy, whose EP, #Waiting, is out now.

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Listen Online: Drake’s “Crew Love” Featuring The Weeknd

Posted November 7

If you happen to follow any of The Weeknd’s fan groups on Facebook, you would have noticed a flurry of activity last night around the premiere of “Crew Love,” a track featuring The Weeknd off of Drake’s sophomore LP, Take Care (out November 15).

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Your Mission: Create a Music-Themed Trending Topic

Posted September 16

If you jam on over to Twitter at present, you’ll see that #DrakeCriesWhen is currently trending, a jab at the sensitive rapper. Well, we here over at the O Music Awards blog are happy that Drake has had his moment in the (roasting) sun, but we think it’s time for someone else to take the hot seat.

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