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Apple EarPods: Heavy on the Comfort and Bass, But…

Posted September 20

Many iPod and iPhone owners — even the ones who don’t know what a CNET is — are quick to upgrade the flat-sounding earbuds that come with most devices. Apple seemed determined to leave this legacy behind when it unveiled the new EarPods to much fanfare at its iPhone 5 event last week. So this morning, I bought a pair of stock Apple headphones, on purpose. Do these EarPods live up to Apple levels of hype?

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The Music Lover’s Guide To Today’s Apple Event

Posted September 12

We get that a new Apple product release is basically akin to Christmas (or your denominational holiday of choice), birthdays and various and sundry sexual encounters to your average iHead, but to those of us more interested in songs than screens, there’s a lot of info to wade through to get to the good stuff. Allow the O Music Blog to do the sorting for you. Behold: All the news from the iPhone 5 release event — held at San Francisco’s lovely Yerba Buena Center for the Arts — relevant to music lovers.

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