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Going On A Roadtrip? Here’s How To Make The Perfect Playlist

Posted July 13

Going on a roadtrip this weekend and can’t find the right tunes to accompany all the winding roads, unplanned pitstops and strange phenomena (sorry, I automatically “equate road trip” with “horror movie,” don’t mind me)? Luckily, one brainy techie has a hack for that.

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Twitter Partnerships Add Musician Tweets To Apps & Services

Posted January 10

Nowadays, most artists — from major label to unsigned — have Twitter accounts. And now, thanks to a partnership between the microblogging site and music data services The Echo Nest, Rovi and Gracenote, it will be even easier to add Verified Twitter account information to applications, media services and devices.

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Make a Mustache Out of a Tune For Charity

Posted November 7

Music and mustaches: They go together like a heart and a soul (see: Man Man’s ‘stache, Freddie Mercury’s facial adornment, Local Natives’ trim team, etc, etc). Well, this Movember you can create a mustache out of music.

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