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Make a Mustache Out of a Tune For Charity

Posted November 7

Music and mustaches: They go together like a heart and a soul (see: Man Man’s ‘stache, Freddie Mercury’s facial adornment, Local Natives’ trim team, etc, etc). Well, this Movember you can create a mustache out of music.

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Exfm’s New Site Is The Perfect Mashup of Curation and Recommendation

Posted October 5

When Exfm first launched, it was a Chrome extension that let you scrape MP3s from music blogs as you surfed, creating a handy little playlist of tunes (no hunting and pecking required). Over the months, the service has added more social tools — in addition to its O Music Award-nominated iPhone app — but today, Exfm is out with a brand new web platform that mingles curation and recommendation deftly.

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