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Fan Army Manifestos: Super Junior’s “ELFs”

Posted June 25

Admirers of South Korean boy band Super Junior hit our nomination page HARD over the course of one week, campaigning for their dedicated following to be added to the Fan Army FTW category — and they were victorious. Their moniker, “ELF,” stands for Ever Lasting Friends, which we think is pretty fitting. With friends like these, your enemies are totally toast.

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Fan Army Manifestos: Mumford & Sons’ “Team Mumford & Sons”

Posted June 22

If you thought the Fan Army game was exclusively reserved for boy bands and pop stars, you better rethink that think rapidly. Banjo-toting acoustic folk rockers can boast the screaming throngs as well, as evidenced by the existence of Team Mumford & Sons, a group hopefully devoted to scoring the prize for Fan Army FTW.

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Fan Army Manifestos: Mindless Behavior’s “Team Mindless”

Posted June 21

Fans of R&B-infused boy band Mindless Behavior may go by the moniker “Team Mindless,” but they are anything but brainless. Except, of course, when they’re running after the band’s vehicles like faithful, music-loving puppies. Such roadside moves may not be the wisest, but, hey, these fans are dedicated.

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Fan Army Manifestos: Adam Lambert’s “Glamberts”

Posted June 20

Adam Lambert may not have come in in first place on American Idol, but his consolation prize was undoubtedly the unconditional love of his myriad fainting fans. The Glamberts — who come in all sizes, ages and genders — are a dedicated bunch, which is why they were a shoo-in to be nominated for Fan Army FTW.

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Fan Army Manifestos: Girls Generation’s “SONES”

Posted June 19

Hey, parents: If you think your child is rapidly slipping into a manic state of obsession over a K-Pop band, take heart! They’re likely becoming at least somewhat proficient in Korean whilst standing in 14-hour lines and crying hysterically. Such is the case with fans of Girls Generation, the SONES.

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