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Fan Army Manifestos: Tokio Hotel’s “Aliens”

Posted June 18

After two straight cycles of completely trouncing their competition for the O Music Award for Fan Army FTW, Tokio Hotel’s Aliens are back, their aching, spasming clicking fingers nearly bleeding into the cracks of their keyboards for all the voting they’ve been doing. Can they remain victorious for the third time in a row? Well, according to the cadre of Aliens that we interviewed, they’re pretty confident that their troops will prevail.

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Fan Army Manifestos: 2NE1′s “Blackjacks”

Posted June 15

Being a member of a fan army takes immense dedication — the ability to withstand long ticket lines, the courage to stand up to vicious haters and, sometimes, the drive to power through massive time differences so as to catch even the briefest online glimpse of the adored band in question. Such is the case for the Blackjacks, fans of a K-Pop band that’s really popping off: 2NE1.

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Fan Army Manifestos: The Wanted’s “TWFanmily”

Posted June 14

It’s rare that a band’s name so aptly describes how it’s perceived by its fans, but such is the case with British boy band, The Wanted. Their fan army, TWFANmily, wants, needs, revers the band so much that they have — quite literally — dedicated each day of the week to a different band member. Bet they wish that that other British boy band’s jam, “Eight Days A Week,” would be made manifest so that there would be yet another 24 hours for loving.

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Fan Army Manifesto: 30 Seconds To Mars’ “Echelon”

Posted June 13

For many super fans, loving a band is anything but a phase. It’s a way of life, it’s a guiding force, it’s — in many ways — like visiting an Olive Garden: When you’re here, you’re family. Such is the way with Echelon, a.k.a. fans of the Jared Leto-fronted band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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Fan Army Manifestos: Taylor Swift’s “Swifties”/”Taylor Nation”

Posted June 12

Being a member of a Fan Army isn’t always about wanting to stalk and marry one’s favorite band. No, often, Armies see their obsession of choice as an inspiration — a great big shining ball of perfect amazingness that they worship like a deity, taking each word that falls from that musician’s glossed lips as the honeyed wisdom of the divine. Such is the case with country singer Taylor Swift’s fan army, who call themselves both “Swifties” and “Taylor Nation.”

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