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Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Updates, Flaming Lips Sports Jams & More

Posted May 29

Happy/sad end to a holiday weekend, friends! Although we’re currently barreling forth into another work/school week, take heart: You’re two days down, and there’s a hearty helping of links below to fortify you before heading into the fray!

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5 WTF?! Music Tech Gifts For The Weirdo In Your Life

Posted December 15

Let’s face it: If you’re into music, you’re probably a bit weird. The same goes for tech-heads. And if you’re into both, well, then, watch out space, this dude’s going to dreamily stare the hell into you.

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The 10 Music Tech Advances We’re Most Thankful For

Posted November 22

That day of epic gorging is just around the corner, and before we sink into a haze of tryptophan and family-imposed depression, we decided to reflect back on this year in music tech and share those innovations we’re more thankful for.

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The Flaming Lips Plan To Release 24-Hour-Long Song Encased in a Human Skull For Halloween

Posted September 29

Hold onto your heads: The Flaming Lips are planning their next project in their year-long experimental album extravaganza, and this one’s a shocker. According to frontman Wayne Coyne, the band plans to release a 24-hour-long song at midnight on Halloween encased in a… wait for it… human skull.

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Listen Online: The Flaming Lips’ 6-Hour Song

Posted September 21

Got any plans tonight? Too bad. Cancel them. The Flaming Lips have finally released their storied 6-hour-long song.

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