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And The O Music Awards Nominees Are…

Posted May 16

Get ready, mouth-frothing friends — it’s time to vote! The O Music Awards kick off TODAY, May 16, with a whole passel of new categories and nominees on Did your favorite band/app/whatever get a nod? Find out below!

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Frank Ocean’s New Tunes, Lady Gaga’s Social Network & More

Posted July 10

It’s Tuesday! That is a day of the week! Why not celebrate this mundane fact with some really cool music & tech links?

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Frank Ocean Gets Love, Elders Get Skrillex & More

Posted July 9

Wake up, kids, the dream is over — or, at the very least, the weekend is. Time to get back to the daily links grind.

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Best Web-Born Artist Nominee Frank Ocean To Drop New Album July 17

Posted June 12

This is your cue to let a big old “FINALLY,” Frank Ocean fans. The smooth-singing OFWGKTA member announced Tuesday that his new album, Channel Orange — the first release since 2011′s self-released nostalgia, ULTRA. mixtape — will drop on July 17 on Def Jam.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Frank Ocean Has A Project, Twitter Integrates More Deeply With Facebook & More

Posted June 8

We know it’s hard, but snap out of your dreamy Fridaze and take in some glorious links. Your brain will thank you!

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