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Cyber Monday Music Deals

Posted November 28

Were you too much of a coward to brave the clouds of pepper spray wafting through the mall hallways last weekend? Well, that’s what Cyber Monday is for. There’s tons of deals on electronics and whatnot out there, but if you’re anything like us, you’re just looking for deals on tunes. We’ve gathered together a list of hot spots for discounted jams this a.m. below.

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An Indie Musician Tackles The Google Artist Hub

Posted November 17

Google has unveiled its new Music Store and with it the Artist Hub, which allows indie musicians to easily sell their tunes via the market. While I could take you all through the process of getting your jams in the hub, I thought it prudent to enlist the services of its intended demographic: an indie musician.

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Music App of the Day: Access Google Music From Your iPhone With gMusic

Posted October 19

Everyone and their mama launched a music storage locker/cloud service at some point over the last few months — Amazon dropped Cloud Drive, Apple launched iCloud and Google busted out with Music Beta. Now, you can get a mashup of two of the aforementioned music services with a new third-party application that lets Music Beta users get all their tunes on their iPhones: gMusic.

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