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Music & Tech Around The Web: Lil B Gets Classic, Google Gets Moog & More

Posted May 23

We know you’re all still positively reeling from the announcements we dropped on you last night — The Flaming Lips! Many, many rad nominees! — but the world is still turning and news is constantly being churned out. Luckily, a lot of the cool stuff we found today is related to our nominees. Two birds, meet one stone. BAM!

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Best Coast Streams, File-Sharers Marry & Kitty Sings The Blues

Posted May 7

It’s Mondaze. Listen to the above kitty sing the blues, and check out all the music & tech news you missed while comatose this weekend.

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Lady Gaga Joins Google+ — Which Social Network Should She Join Next?

Posted January 17

In a move that had us all wondering, “Wait, that hadn’t happened yet?” Lady Gaga added another social network to her roster this past weekend: Google+.

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Let’s Make 2012 The Year We Google Good Music, Shall We?

Posted December 15

Google is out with its eleventh annual Zeitgeist report (depicting what people around the world are searching for) and, unsurprisingly (and tragically), Rebecca Black grabbed the top spot when it comes to the fastest rising search of 2011. This must needs be curtailed in 2012.

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