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2012 Was The Year That Memecore Went Legit & The Covers Made The Band

Posted December 18

Internet culture cataloguing site Know Your Meme is out with its list of the top memes of 2012, and it features two burgeoning trends in the music scene: the rise and legitimization of memecore, as well as the popularization of tunes via spinoffs and parodies.

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“Somebody That I Used To Know” Is Spotify’s Top Song of 2012

Posted November 29

Last year, we fell to our knees, keening out a bitter lament that Rebecca Black (oh she of “Friday” fame) was the fastest rising Google search term of 2011, according to the search giant’s 2011 Zeitgeist Report. Today, Spotify offers up a glimmering pearl of hope when it comes to our slowly dying world’s taste in music. The top listened-to and shared track of 2012? Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Pinterest Gets Loud, Gotye Gets Covered (Again) & More

Posted June 21

The third O Music Awards creeps ever near, and we know you’re about fit to burst from excitement. Postpone said bursting by snacking on some links.

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