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O Wants To Know: @Brenna_E from Mashable & Stuff Hipsters Hate

Posted April 14

In preparation for the first annual MTV O Music Awards, we’ve decided to ask some of our fave internet BFFs, digital dorks, and music maniacs for their feedback on how the web has made their o-world wonderful.  First up was Brenna, who you may know and love from Mashable or Stuff Hipsters Hate.

What is your favorite way to discover new music on and offline?

I love going to shows. Any show. Seriously. I will basically go to any show you want. And I will likely dance during it. Even if I am doing so mockingly. There’s no better way to discover new tunes than to actually go outside, get your hand stamped and stand behind some big dude in a darkened bar full of music. Digitally, I spend a lot of time cozying up to my Google Reader – reading what those smarter and more plugged into their headphones than I are listening to. I then litter my desktop with free MP3 downloads, and play, ‘Oh, who is this?’ while listening to my iPod on the subway. It’s like a glorious grab bag for the ears.

 Which artist or band first made you passionate about music?

David Bowie. For sure. I fell in love with David Bowie at age 6 – for which I was soundly mocked – and spent unhealthy amounts of time in front of the TV, watching my tape of his music videos, trying to play the guitar.

If you could see any dead musician perform today, who would it be and where?

 Jim Morrison. In the desert. Done.

That’s me with Man Man’s Pow Pow, before my first drum lesson. Man Man is my favorite band, and now I (kind of) play the drums.

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