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Linkin Park Aims To Help You Emote With Facebook-Connected Music Video

Posted September 4

Itching for a good shot of catharsis? Well, you could, 1). Go on Facebook and cry whilst gazing at snaps of your ex, 2). Listen to some Linkin Park, or 3). Go on Facebook, look at pictures, cry, and listen to Linkin Park — all via their new interactive video for “Lost In The Echo.”

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Score New Tunes & Win A Trip To The Arctic Circle With This Interactive Video

Posted June 14

When you hear a single that you’re into, you’re apt to listen to it on loop — engraining every note and nuance into your feverish brainpan. Well, what if you could also hone your hand-eye coordination whilst listening to said single, and thereby potentially score a trip to an exotic (and frosty) locale? Well, then, you’d likely be really into Swedish band The Amplifetes’ video game/music video for “Where Is The Light,” the first single off of an upcoming album by the same name.

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