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A DJ Reviews New Video Manipulation iPad App VJay

Posted June 8

Algoriddim’s djay program for Mac has long been my go-to program for making/mixing/playing music. It’s my primary program to DJ, and — as someone who came of age raving to Sasha and Digweed playing manic-long sets on vinyl, long before even CDJs — trust me when I say that it took a massive program like djay to allow me to be OK with being all-digital. Additionally, the awesome multiple sample banks allow me to be weird and interesting during sets, and the effects, beatmatching, etc — all of it’s so good and so lightweight. Not to mention that the program boasts the ability to throw effects and vocal pitching on an in-dash microphone. It’s safe to say I was sufficiently impressed by djay, but once I found out that an iPad app for live visuals was on the way, I was floored. Meet vjay.

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Soundcloud Founder/Musician Drops Interactive iPad Album

Posted June 7

The concept of matching music to imagery is nothing new, but the advent of technology such as the iPad has undoubtedly made the experience of interacting visually with music much richer. In the case of Soundcloud founder Eric Wahlforss’ new album, Ecclesia, the ancient music of religion receives a makeover courtesy of that most legendary of tablet devices.

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Turn Your iPad Into a Karaoke Machine

Posted November 23

Everyone has that one friend — the one who really digs karaoke, but who is completely tone deaf. Sometimes we placate that friend by taking him or her to one of those private room karaoke places, but we still fear that their off-key keening will manage to somehow spill out of the secluded room and inflect the rest of the joint with godawfulness. Well, readers, we have a solution for you: The Soulo Microphone and Karaoke App.

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