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M. Ward’s iPhone App Brings Public Radio To The Fore With Curation Tool

Posted August 7

A lot of bands have curated playlists for fans — that’s pretty standard these days. With his new iPhone app, A Wasteland Companion, however, M. Ward puts a spin on that well-tread concept, releasing a tool that curates not songs, but entire radio stations.

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Music App of the Day: Rock Out On Your iPhone With GarageBand

Posted November 2

Everyone’s favorite “even my blind grandma can make beats” platform, Apple’s GarageBand, is now available for all iOS devices.

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Music App of the Day: RCRD LBL Is Like Spotify — Only Curated

Posted August 25

We were already keen on music curation tool RCRD LBL (it scored an O Music Award nom last time around), but now we’re even more smitten: RCRD LBL has released an official app for the iPhone and the iPod touch, and it’s a must-download.

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