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Hum a Song: Social Gaming Made (Even More) Awkward

Posted October 5

Most “social” games are designed to be social in the safest possible way — tend virtual crops with friends, shoot irate birds with friends, play what basically amounts to Scrabble with friends (whilst taking your sweet time to form a new word). Really, the most intimate game out there is likely Draw Something, where your art skills (or lack there of) are on sad, sad display. Well, human contact seekers, there’s a brand-new social game on the scene and it’s really, really awkward: Hum a Song.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Foursquare Creepers, Bon Iver Tattoos & More

Posted September 26

Happy Humpday, babes. Here’s some links to assuage that crushing sadness that hits your soul when you realize it’s not actually Thursday, even though it “totally feels like it is.”

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Apple EarPods: Heavy on the Comfort and Bass, But…

Posted September 20

Many iPod and iPhone owners — even the ones who don’t know what a CNET is — are quick to upgrade the flat-sounding earbuds that come with most devices. Apple seemed determined to leave this legacy behind when it unveiled the new EarPods to much fanfare at its iPhone 5 event last week. So this morning, I bought a pair of stock Apple headphones, on purpose. Do these EarPods live up to Apple levels of hype?

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Opinion: Without Music, Apple Would Be Nothing (Or Maybe Just Irrelevant)

Posted September 13

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Eleven years ago, I watched Steve Jobs unveil the iPod at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. The following week, I made my best prediction to date: that descendents of the iPod would replace the PC, as they are now doing. Gizmodo generously called it the best iPod prediction of all time. A colleague once suggested that I get it printed on my business cards.

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This Whole Album Was Recorded With An iPhone

Posted January 19

Apple’s suite of products has been finding itself more and more entrenched in modern music — Bjork incorporated the iPad when recording her most recent record, Biophilia, and The Gorillaz famously recorded the entirety of The Fall on the tablet device. Still, few bands have ventured into the territory of iPhone recording — and even fewer still have done so in order to bust out an entire old-school rock record.

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