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Apple EarPods: Heavy on the Comfort and Bass, But…

Posted September 20

Many iPod and iPhone owners — even the ones who don’t know what a CNET is — are quick to upgrade the flat-sounding earbuds that come with most devices. Apple seemed determined to leave this legacy behind when it unveiled the new EarPods to much fanfare at its iPhone 5 event last week. So this morning, I bought a pair of stock Apple headphones, on purpose. Do these EarPods live up to Apple levels of hype?

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Opinion: Without Music, Apple Would Be Nothing (Or Maybe Just Irrelevant)

Posted September 13

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Eleven years ago, I watched Steve Jobs unveil the iPod at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. The following week, I made my best prediction to date: that descendents of the iPod would replace the PC, as they are now doing. Gizmodo generously called it the best iPod prediction of all time. A colleague once suggested that I get it printed on my business cards.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify, Lana Del Ray & The Radiohead Hoax

Posted September 30

The web is always spinning, making it exceedingly difficult to get a good look at all it has to offer day to day. Luckily for you, we’ve got the eyes of a music- & tech-obsessed eagle. Get the rundown of all that went down below.

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