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Music & Tech Around The Web: Myspace’s Plans Leaked, iTunes Match Down & More

Posted November 19

Happy Mondaze, younglings! The holidaze are just daze away, so we understand if you’re rather glassy eyed while perusing there links.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Rhapsody Updates, Don’t Instagram Your Vote & More

Posted November 6

Happy Election Day, U.S. citizens. Everyone else: Happy Tuesday. Check out some links before heading to the polls — or, if you’re not American, into the mundanity of just another day.

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The Top Music & Tech Innovations Of 2011 According To: OK Go, The Limousines, The So So Glos & More

Posted December 19

Every December, musicians are beset by a case of anxiety — an anxiety that they subsequently push down into the bottoms of their stomachs with the help of a healthy douse of aloofness. And from whence does that anxiety spring? The ubiquitous glut of “Best of 2011″ lists, of course. Well, this year we decided to turn the tables, allowing musicians to play critic and choose their favorite music and tech innovations of 2011. Antacids sold separately.

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iTunes Match Is Here

Posted November 14

The next version of iTunes — 10.5.1 — drops today, and with it the fabled iTunes Match, which lets you listen to music not purchased via iTunes across any of your devices.

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