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Donate To Hurricane Sandy Victims Via iTunes

Posted November 1

As the dust continues to settle following the destruction that Hurricane Sandy wrecked this week, relief efforts are ramping up. If you live in a part of the country unaffected by the storm — or an area, like much of Brooklyn, that came out unscathed — you can help out those less fortunate right now. How? It’s simple: Just log into iTunes.

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First Curated Music Subscription in iTunes: Blue Note by Groovebug

Posted October 26

blue note appThis week, reported on the first iOS app in iTunes that lets fans of the classic rock band Crosby, Stills, and Nash subscribe to the band for $4/month through an iPad app. The band calls this “the first” artist subscription app in iTunes, and we believe that to be the case. It’s a fascinating idea, this notion of subscribing directly to a band, with the opportunity to get not just songs, but merchandise deals, exclusive photos and videos, and all sorts of other odds and ends.

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New App Helps You Weed Out Friends With Bad Musical Taste

Posted October 11

If you judge people solely based on their musical tastes — hey, a good show buddy is hard to come by — have we got an app for you. It’s called Tune Match, and it will show you whether a body is down with the clown — or whatever it is you listen to — in seconds flat.

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Hum a Song: Social Gaming Made (Even More) Awkward

Posted October 5

Most “social” games are designed to be social in the safest possible way — tend virtual crops with friends, shoot irate birds with friends, play what basically amounts to Scrabble with friends (whilst taking your sweet time to form a new word). Really, the most intimate game out there is likely Draw Something, where your art skills (or lack there of) are on sad, sad display. Well, human contact seekers, there’s a brand-new social game on the scene and it’s really, really awkward: Hum a Song.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Kickstarter Controversy, Neil Young’s Pono & More

Posted September 28

The weekend is mere hours away. Before you lose your mind completely, here are some links.

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