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UNBOXED: Javelin Reviews iRig KEYS

Posted March 18

Welcome to another edition of O Music Unboxed, a video version of our New York-based event series in which bands review the newest hardware, software and music-related gadgets on the scene. This week, we hit up Javelin, who took IK Multimedia’s iRig KEYS out for a spin.

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Attention DJs: ‘Mixed In Key’ Can Get the Party Started

Posted January 17

mixed in key 5.5

We’ve heard of other technologies that can detect how much “energy” is present in a song, as well as how “danceable” a song is (including this one from The Echo Nest), but we’ve never seen one rack up as many celebrity DJ endorsements as Mixed In Key, so we figured this Mac and Windows DJ tool was worth a look.

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O Music Awards Bands Prince Rama, Javelin, Reggie Watts & More Electrocute David Blaine

Posted October 8

Famous stuntman David Blaine has had a pretty shocking weekend — not of the strippers-booze-cocaine-and-body-in-a-trunk variety, but rather in the literal sense. Yup, Blaine has gone on a bender, one that involves no food, no sleep and a 1,000,000 volt cocoon of electricity streaming from seven Tesla coils.

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Check Out New Jams From Javelin

Posted September 7

Miss our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event and still beating yourself up? We don’t blame you. It was rad and you had no excuse. Luckily for lazy you, we have pretty much the whole event in video form, and today we have a wonderful array of songs both new and already-released from our headliners, Javelin.

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Javelin, Prince Rama, Zambri & Bosco Delrey Play DUMBO Summer Friday [GALLERY]

Posted August 23

Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday may be a week in the past, but it’s still as warm in our hearts as, well, a summer day. Luckily, we can relive the whole thing today through this newfangled technology called photography.

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