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Kickstarter Of The Week: of Montreal Wants To Make A Documentary

Posted November 16

It’s every band’s megalomaniacal dream: Achieve enough fame and glory that someone goes and creates a documentary about you. Well, in this Internet age, bands don’t have to wait for some director with pockets full of cash to come around and call them his/her muse — they can crowdfund their own histories. of Montreal is one band doing just that, raising cash on Kickstarter to finish their feature-length documentary, Song Dynasties.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week: Fund GANGI’s Album, Score Custom Gear

Posted September 5

New O Music Blog feature alert: There are tons of really innovative music crowdfunding campaigns out there — from massive efforts like Amanda Palmer’s million-dollar album to Spanish Prisoner’s humble “Vantasy” — and we think it’s about time we start regularly highlighting them. This week, we spoke with LA band GANGI, who in their quest to fund their next album created some pretty rad custom hardware — which can be yours if you choose to dig around in your pocket lint and fund their record.

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Prince Rama Take To Kickstarter To Raise Cash For “Now-Age Psych Opera”

Posted August 23

If you attended last week’s Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event, you likely became an instant fan of Prince Rama, who we predict will blow up to Grimes-level proportions following the release of their next album, Top Ten Hits of the End of the World. Sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson put on a singularly theatrical show for us — complete with trailing veils, fake blood and plenty of frantic dancing — and now they’re aiming to take that show to the big (or at least computer) screen with their very own “Now-Age Psych Opera” called Prince Rama and the Scorpion Tornado. Funding, they hope, will come from Kickstarter.

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ShoutOut Radio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for App that Dedicates Songs to Friends

Posted August 21

shoutout radio

One of the most interesting trends we’ve seen this year is people adding context around songs and then sharing them with each other. It might sound obvious, but there really is a big difference between listening to a song and listening to a song that your friend shared with you specifically, for a specific reason, at a specific time.

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