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Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Gets Updated, Chris Milk Remains A Genius & More

Posted June 12

Happy Tuesday, children of the digital revolution. Celebrate how highly evolved you all are by zoning out with some links.

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Kickstarter Tips For Bands From Amanda F**king Palmer

Posted May 3

Musician/social media queen Amanda (F**king!) Palmer recently Kickstarted the hell out of the popular crowdfunding site, raising $100,000 in the first seven hours of her campaign to fund her first studio album in four years (with new band Grand Theft Orchestra), tour and art book. Her goal long achieved, she’s up to nearly $500,000, and she still has 28 days left to go before the campaign closes. Intrigued by the ex-Dresden Doll’s success, we hit up Palmer for advice on how to launch the perfect music-related Kickstarter campaign. Check out her tips after the jump.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Kid Jams, Kickstarter Cash & Henry Rollins

Posted May 1

Happy Tuesday, Web dwellers. Please tear your eyes away from the farms and the birds and the Instagrammed snapshots of kittens for this brief interruption: A healthy roundup of music & tech news from around the web. Your stupor may resume after this message.

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Belle & Sebastian Frontman Uses Kickstarter To Fund Film

Posted December 16

Kickstarter has been used to create everything from iPod nano watches to epic Girl Talk music videos. Now, Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch aims to use that platform to fund the making of his film, God Help the Girl.

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