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O Music Awards Flashback: Meet Kitty

Posted June 6

Welcome to our Daily O Music Awards Flashback! So here’s the deal, throughout the year, we keep our proverbial finger on the pulse of the music/tech scene, reporting on what we think are the coolest bands/apps/WTF wonders on the Web. And those things that we report on — well, they are often nominated for O Music Awards! Over the next few weeks — leading up to the main event on June 19 — we’ll be revisiting stories that feature O Music Awards nominees. Today, we’re taking a look back at when we first met Kitty — all the way last summer. Check out our Q&A with the Best Web-Born Artist nominee below.

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Kitty Pryde & Grimes Strike Back At Sexist Haters Via Their Own Medium: The Web

Posted April 24

Everyone knows that while the Web has the capacity to bring musicians across the globe together in sweet collaborative harmony, reunite lost lovers and even aid in the apprehension of criminals, the anonymity that it enables also breeds a culture of hate, intolerance and screaming, keening, foot-stamping jealousy.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Rhapsody Gets Smart, iPad Mini Rumors & More

Posted October 3

Wednesday’s child may be full of woe, but that’s because s/he hasn’t seen this rad collection of links yet. Read up and buck up, kid.

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Kitty Pryde Is Taking Time Off From Working At Claire’s To Get Internet Famous

Posted May 15

She’s been called the singing equivalent of Tumblr by Buzzfeed, received hesitant yet solid praise from the New York Times, and, according to the flabbergasted singer, struck a tender nerve with Humbert Humberts the Web over. Her name is cribbed from the Marvel Comics universe, but her demeanor is more Disney than daredevil. She’s the newest in the burgeoning crop of web-born stars: Kitty Pryde.

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