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O Music Award for Must Follow Artist On Twitter

Posted April 28

It’s easy to throw up a tweet, but it’s much harder to make that tweet worth reading. An award for tweeting may seem silly, but it’s serious business.

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O Music Award for Innovative Artist

Posted April 28

Musicians are known for pushing the envelope and stretching technology to the limit. One artist really “gets it” and does the best job in the digital space.

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Maria Aragon Waiting With Bated Breath

Posted April 19

via Winnipeg Sun

Voting has closed for an online MTV award that a young Winnipeg girl is nominated for.

YouTube sensation Maria Aragon is among six nominees for best fan cover at the inaugural MTV O Music Awards to be given out April 28. Aragon, 10, became an overnight sensation two months ago after pop star Lady Gaga praised the youngster’s rendition of her hit song Born This Way on Twitter. Her video has since been viewed more than 29.6 million times on YouTube.

Aragon is up against five other nominees who produced cover versions of other artists’ songs: Alex Goot, Jorge and Alexa Narvaez, PS22 Chorus, Scampi and Mike Tompkins.

Online fan voting for the award closed Sunday night. For several days last week Aragon was in top spot with the most voting activity over the past 24 hours but as of Monday morning, voting for Goot had “the highest level of activity over the last 24 hours”, the awards website states.

The winner will be announced April 28.

Isn’t Maria adorable?  Watch live at 8:00PM PST on to find out if she won!


O Wants To Know: @AmyJoMartin from Digital Royalty

Posted April 15

In preparation for the first annual MTV O Music Awards, we’ve decided to ask some of our fave internet BFFs, digital dorks, and music maniacs for their feedback on how the web has made their o-world wonderful.  Next up is the lovely Amy Jo Martin, who runs her own website and is the internet monarch of Digital Royalty.

Who is the most interesting figure in the music industry today?

From a social media standpoint, Lady Gaga is one of the most interesting musical artists to watch. There’s a reason why she’s the most-followed person on Twitter and was the first person to reach 1 billion views on YouTube-She gets it. She’s extremely hands-on and works consistently to connect with her fans everyday. And to her, her fans are more than just followers and “likes”. They are her “Little Monsters,” a connection that runs much deeper than being one of her 40+ million combined Twitter and Facebook fans. In today’s dynamic musical landscape, her @mentions are virtual autographs and her TwitPics are digital backstage passes. Music is the most unifying force in the world, which makes its marriage with social media a natural one. Lady Gaga has demonstrated that brilliantly.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite web celebs and keep your eye for another installment of “O Wants To Know” super soon.

F**k Yeah Tumblr

Posted April 13



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