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Music & Tech Around The Web: Frank Ocean Has A Project, Twitter Integrates More Deeply With Facebook & More

Posted June 8

We know it’s hard, but snap out of your dreamy Fridaze and take in some glorious links. Your brain will thank you!

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A Super Lazy — And Genius — Way To Buy Band Ts

Posted December 15

Are you really, really into wearing your musical tastes on your sleeve? Well, you’re in luck: A startup has come on the scene that allows you to passively buy Ts based on your listening preferences.

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Posted December 14

A couple of weeks after launching its Spotify app for better music discovery, is out Wednesday with an HTML5 in-browser app (which works best with Internet Explorer 9) to help users wade through vast quantities of indie music to find their new favorite bands.

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Spotify’s 11 New Apps: Which Ones Should You Nab?

Posted December 1

On Wednesday, Spotify announced that it will now include a series of third-party apps within its desktop service as part of the newly coined “Spotify Platform.” Eleven of those apps launched yesterday (more will roll out in time) and we downloaded them all, so you don’t have to.

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