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Feist & Mastodon Show Two Sides of a Cover With New Video

Posted July 31

Choose-your-own-adventure music videos and the like are quite the fad these days, allowing users to change the outcome of a vid with a couple of clicks. But videos that let fans change the tune itself — those are a bit less en vogue, likely because bands don’t want folks messing with their jams. Feist and Mastodon’s new video for “A Commotion,” however, lets users do just that — in a wholly creative, eye-opening way.

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WTF Wednesday: Mastodon Reads Missed Connections, Just Like You!

Posted April 18

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, in which bands tell us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we hit up Mastodon, who proved to the crew over at the O Music Blog that metal stars are just like us! Yup, they troll Missed Connections — spring of eternal optimism/quiet desperation — too.

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What’s Going On In This Picture of Mastodon & Barney?

Posted November 18

So… It appears that two prehistoric beasts have reunited: Barney and Mastodon — the band that is. And we want your speculations as to what the above snap is all about.

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R.E.M.’s Greatest Hits Album Features an Animated GIF

Posted October 6

If you were bummed to hear that R.E.M. is calling it a day, take heart: The band is releasing a super definitive greatest hits album — and it’s really flashy. In that, if you’re an epileptic, you might want to look away.

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