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Fan Army Manifestos: Mindless Behavior’s “Team Mindless”

Posted June 21

Fans of R&B-infused boy band Mindless Behavior may go by the moniker “Team Mindless,” but they are anything but brainless. Except, of course, when they’re running after the band’s vehicles like faithful, music-loving puppies. Such roadside moves may not be the wisest, but, hey, these fans are dedicated.

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Nothing Says “I Love You” Like A 15-Second Music Video

Posted February 8

Is 15 seconds sufficient to tell a body you love him/her? If you’re a Viddy user, the answer to that query is a hearty, “Yes.” The video-sharing app has just released a love-themed production pack, complete with the appropriately titled single “Valentine’s Girl” from teen singers Mindless Behavior.

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