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Blogger Wears A Different Rock T Every Day For More Than A Year

Posted July 12

Remember Isac Walter, the intrepid blogger who has been wearing a different rock T-shirt every day and then documenting it on his blog, Minor Thread? Well, he’s still going strong, and he just made an awesome stop-motion video to commemorate his progress.

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This Blogger Will Wear a Rock T-Shirt To Your Wedding

Posted December 8

The other day, we marveled at Minor Thread, a blog that documents Isac Walter’s concert T-shirt obsession. Walter has challenged himself to wear a different T every day and blog about it, and as of today, he’s up to 150 days of continuous merch-wearing. Walter took some time out from presiding over his impressive collection to chat with us about how the blog came to be, his favorite bands, and envy-inducing custom-made Green Day Ts.

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Rock-T-A-Day Tumblr Is The Most Creative Music Blog We’ve Seen In A While

Posted December 2

Wearing concert Ts is a dicey business replete with myriad rules: 1). Don’t wear a T featuring a band you don’t know just because the design is cool, 2). Know the line between “ironic” and “lame,” 3). Don’t wear the T of the band you’re seeing in concert.

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