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Make A Vine, Win MNDR’s Glasses

Posted May 9

Here’s a quick hit for your thirsty Thursday night: O Music Award winner MNDR (and star of our interactive music video) is running a fun little contest on Vine at the moment, the prize for which is a pair of her signature glasses!

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Put Yourself In The Action With Our Interactive MNDR Music Video

Posted July 2

If you’ve ever wanted to go on tour with your favorite band, here’s your chance — well, if your favorite band just happens to be MNDR, that is. The Beyond The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer winner recently came out with a new music video for the jam “C.L.U.B,” and it puts you right in the action.

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MNDR Wins Beyond The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer

Posted June 28

In the Beyond The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer category, there can be only one — and that one (winner, that is) is MNDR. Going it alone has never been so rad.

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MNDR Will Play The Final O Music Awards Show In New Orleans!

Posted June 27

A slight change of plans, dear OMA fans: Now, instead of Grimes performing at our final show in New Orleans — our record-breaking show — Beyond the DJ nominee MNDR will be rocking out to celebrate our (we hope) victory. Check out her Beyond the DJ video after the jump and get STOKED! Seven more shows to go until we sleep!

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Meet Beyond The DJ Winner: MNDR

Posted June 21

MNDR — a.k.a. Amanda Warner — is basically an instant party. Put her on stage, add some lasers, and WHAM, everyone’s dancing. Warner’s techie skills (she’s a self-proclaimed gearhead) and indefatigable energy made her the perfect headliner for the O Music Award’s first Unboxed live event, as well as a prime nominee for Beyond The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer. Find out more about the vowel-less electronic wonder after the jump.

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