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MOG Puts The Bloom On The Rose; To Be Reborn As “Daisy”

Posted January 10

When it comes to music subscription services serving the U.S., MOG is undoubtedly one of the elders in that space. Now, four years after its initial inception, the site is primed for an injection of youth in the form of a new team, new functionality and a brand new (tentative) name: Daisy.

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Beats, Pono, Motörheadphönes: Is Celebrity the Key to High-End Digital Audio?

Posted January 7

For years, pointy-headed freaks with golden ears have told everyone within earshot that MP3s, CDs, and just about every other popular format sounds like garbage. Instead, they say, we should all buy expensive headphones or speakers (which are the biggest factor in sound quality), and then seek out the hardest-to-use, best-sounding audio format we can find for a particular piece of music, be that SuperAudio CD, DVD Audio, any of several lossless formats, or even that rarest bird of all, the better-than-CD quality digital file.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Beats Gets MOG, Chris Quits Girls & More

Posted July 2

The third O Music Awards has crashed to an end — The Flaming Lips broke a World Record, awards were doled out, mayhem was thoroughly enjoyed — but that doesn’t mean the OMA crew is ready to shut up. Check out some links below, and keep it here — blogside — for more music and tech news.

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