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Amanda Palmer Puts Fans First With New App, Decides To Pay Volunteer Musicians

Posted September 20

Over the last few years, Amanda Palmer has become a true social media queen, relying on the support of her fans/followers to sell merch, records and even to create her new chart-topping release, Theatre Is Evil, with new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra. So it’s really no surprise that the ex-Dresden Doll is out with an artist app that centers around fan interaction.

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Radionomy: Get Paid for Being Awesome at Music

Posted September 19

At first blush, you might think the world doesn’t need a new online radio service — not when there are already so many of them, and they’re already so good at what they do. That’s what we thought too, until we delved into Radionomy’s unique offering, which rolls out to United States users for the first time on Tuesday.

Read More For iOS Helps You Find & Curate Tunes & Blogs

Posted August 30

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of music blog posts bookmarked featuring songs that you want to check out later — tunes you will likely never check out, as clicking from blog post to blog post is not exactly the best music-listening method. Enter, a new app for iOS that makes it easy to surf music blogs on your mobile whilst simultaneously listening to a constant stream of tunes — no heavy clicking around required.

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The Spinto Band Turns Preparing For a Gig Into a Retro Game

Posted August 21

“Maybe there’s a common character trait between the kind of people who hide in their basement and record songs instead of going to hang out at the bowling alley and the kind of people who hide in their house and play video games instead of going to house parties in high school,” says Nick Krill of The Spinto Band, referring to the preponderance of musicians who put out video games nowadays. Krill and his bandmates recently joined their ranks with the recent release of iOS game Show Pursuit.

Read More Makes Music Promotion A Collaborative Experience

Posted August 20 is a free service offering simple and smart solutions for artists, labels and music professionals looking to promote music online, increase fan engagement and optimize workflow.

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