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Backbeater: Settling Arguments Between Drummers & Guitarists Since 2012

Posted August 16

The Backbeater Tempo Monitoring System is the result of a recurring fight between members of James Flynn’s band. The guitarist was a perfectionist when it came to tempo and James boasted machine-like precision behind the drumkit (or so he says). Yet the pair disagreed every time they took to the stage, Joe accusing James of speeding up the chorus when his nerves got the better of him.

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Match Your Mood To Music With This Little Web App

Posted July 12

It’s Thursday. An extremely frustrating day of the week, in that it’s not quite Friday, but it’s so close you can taste whatever your poison may be pouring down your throat as the official signifier of the weekend. Well, my friend, it’s time to chill out (or rage) with a little help from a Web app called RageChill.

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A Music App For Every Whim

Posted May 8

Are you the kind of person who requires a soundtrack befitting even your most mundane of moments? “Taking Out The Trash Thrashing Tunes,” “Working Out Dubstep Wub Wub Wub,” “Creeping On This Chick Chill Choral Jams”? Although it’s certainly possible to spend the majority of your day toiling over the perfect mix, there are tons of tools out there on the market that make it easy to create the perfect accompaniment to everything from making pasta to making out. Read on and give your inner Rob Gordon a rest.

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Music App of the Day: Tie Tunes To Location With Sounddropper

Posted September 2

When I was walking through Times Square today, listening to the Ramones’s “I Wanna Be Sedated,” I couldn’t help but think how perfectly that jam fit the locale. Too bad I had not yet discovered Sounddropper.

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Music App of the Day: Make Music While Waiting For the Elevator

Posted September 1

Musicians: What do you do when you’re out on the street, chilling and whatnot, and inspiration strikes? Pull out your cell and hum a tune? Well, we’ll do you one better: Check out Piq, an iOS app that lets you create music on the fly.

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