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Top 28 Facebook Music Apps: The New Generation

Posted January 14

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When you’re in charge of a publication, sometimes you look at server logs to see what people are reading. We try not to obsess too much about it, because it encourages repetition of the same formulaic story ideas over original articles with a mind to the future.

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This Week in Music Apps: Wave Hands to Control Music, Classical Pop-Up Video, Rap Battles

Posted September 18

The weather has cooled down, schools are back in session, and back to its full-time schedule. Our latest installment of This Week In Music Apps wraps up a bunch of new and noteworthy apps for you to check out, including iOS, Android, desktop and Web apps. But first, some new reviews:

This Week in Reviews

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Leonard Cohen: A New App for “Old Ideas”

Posted September 10

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The goods inside the new Leonard Cohen app, free on iOS, make it a definite must-have for any Leonard Cohen fan. But it might be worth the install just to hear Cohen’s golden voice say “Hello, Darling” each time you use it.

Yes, this app is basically like having a miniature version of the most debonair musician alive in your pocket ready to dispense sweet nothings and words of wisdom at the drop of one of Cohen’s hats.

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Serendip Highlights The Musical Tastes Of Your Social Stream

Posted September 6

Even before Facebook got all deep-integrated with music services like Spotify, the whole social recommendation thing was on the upswing. “Want something new to listen to?” the Web and various and sundry devices whispered, “Well, your friend so and so really digs this… Maybe you should check it out, too?” The latest entrant into that realm? A little Web service called Serendip.

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SongPop — Finally An Addictive Timewaster For Music Nerds

Posted August 24

There’s a new hot game on the scene, and this one isn’t really made for playing on the sly. It’s called SongPop, and it’s kind of like Words With Friends and Draw Something — only a lot louder.

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