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Top 10 Mistakes Musicians Make When Marketing Online

Posted September 6

In the old days, bands didn’t have too many avenues to hit when promoting their tunes and shows: Street teams put up flyers, local radio stations teased shows, friends tricked other friends into attending open mic nights with the promise of hot chicks/dudes and beer. Now, bands have the ability to remind us — repeatedly and in ever-increasing degrees of frenzy — that their new single is out and available for purchase (PLEASE BUY IT OR I WILL STARVE/FREEZE TO DEATH/CRY OH SO HARD!).

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Music & Tech Around The Web: .Music Is Hot, New YouTube Is Cool & More

Posted June 14

We’re closing in on 20 million votes, you all! Take a brief break from breaking your fingers (clicking) and indulge in some links.

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Facebook To Let You See What Music Your Friends Like & Listen Along

Posted September 22

f8 has just begun and some music news has already surfaced: Now, you’ll be able to easily see what friends are listening to (and to listen along) thanks to a deeper integration with apps like Spotify, Facebook’s new “Timeline” feature and the social network’s new Open Graph.

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Music App of the Day: This Digital DJ Suits Your Mood

Posted September 16

Sometimes, when your heart’s broken and all you want to do is rage, music is the only salvation. While it would be easy enough to just blast Bikini Kill’s “Suck My Left One” on repeat, wouldn’t it be much more aurally stimulating to have some variety scoring your misery fest? Enter

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