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Myxer Social Radio Wins Most Addictive Social Music Service

Posted June 28

Your obsessive side has spoken: Social streaming music player Myxer has scored the OMA for Most Addictive Social Music Service. We’ll let you get back to listening to tunes and chatting now.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Pandora Proposals, Elite Subscription Services & More

Posted May 16

They say that no news is good news — we beg to differ. We’ve got a wondrous assortment of story morsels below that will keep you sated for the next — oh, let’s say 20 minutes? Enjoy!

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Can Internet Radio Become An Open Platform For Indie Artists?

Posted March 27

Welcome to the O Music Awards guest writer series, a place where we hand the proverbial reins over to qualified writers/musicians/etc and let them share their thoughts about music, technology and more. Today’s guest blogger is Mike Carson, Chief Marketing Officer of Myxer.

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Pandora + = Myxer Social Radio

Posted November 14

If the pressure of DJing on stresses you out (all those judgmental ears), you’re in luck. A new app comes out today that melds the more passive listening experience of Pandora with the social aspects of Turntable: Myxer Social Radio.

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